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  • TRC: Drupal vs. WordPress

    I’ve been working on my vague plans to upgrade TRC again.  I’d been looking at upgrading from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, but the concept is just too daunting and insane.  Half the modules I use don’t convert directly, and I’d have to change and redo a ton of the site.

    I’ve now been toying with the idea of converting to WordPress instead of upgrading.  The main reason being WordPress can update itself, Drupal still can’t.  I started looking into how complex the conversion would be as opposed to the Drupal 8 upgrade.

    So far, it seems like it might be the way to go.  I think some of the plugins for WordPress would make managing permissions on the site SO much easier than the way I do it now.  We have “sub-pages” where certain users have the ability edit things, such as the libraries and some organizations.  The setup process for this is actually quite ridiculous. I have to create a new access group, copy permissions from an already existing one, create pages, make blocks a special way so users can edit them, and more.  Its just too much honestly.

    WordPress has a multi-site feature that might work WONDERS for me!  It’ll let me create the sub-pages so that users have mostly full control over them, and the setup is much simpler.  It will also allow me to put the pages on sub-domains, so technically they’ll have their own URL!

    I still need to do a lot more research, and a veritable mountain of planning, but I think its going to be the more sensible option.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  • The State of the TRC Upgrade

    I had set my day off today aside to work on the TRC 9 Upgrade Project.  After 3 hours, I think I need to hold off on this for a bit more.

    My first step was to research what modules from Drupal 7 would migrate across to Drupal 8.  Most of them are going to work fine, but I came across several needed modules that aren’t there yet, or are only still in alpha release.  Unfortunately, several of these modules are pretty much required for TRC to operate properly as it is setup currently.

    I also looked into the end of life plan for Drupal 7, and it looks like I have a year or two more before they stop supporting it.  Once Drupal 9 is released in 2020, they plan on ending support for 7.  I feel pretty safe in putting off the migration for another few months.

    I’ll take another look in the spring and see where we stand.