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  • Phase IV is Complete!

    I started working on Phase IV of Arthur’s Crossing back on November 10th, and I managed to complete it on Christmas Day!

    The city has really developed over time now.  This project was originally conceived back in July of 2015, and construction began in March of 2016.

    • Phase 1: Castle Pendragon – Completed 3/27/16
    • Phase 2: The Village – Completed  9/3/2017
    • Phase 3: Expand to Town – Completed 4/10/2018
    • Phase IV: Full City – Completed 12/24/19
    • Phase V: Expand Castle
    • Phase VI: Expand to Edge of Island

    If you’d like to see more about the construction of Arthur’s Crossing, click HERE and HERE.

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    Arthur’s Crossing Page – More Pictures!


  • Phase IV: Chimney-geddon

    I’ve been hard at work in Arthur’s Crossing, finishing up the cities expansion.  My plan to give every building a real smoking chimney (using a campfire) has gotten a bit out of hand.  It looks really realistic though!

    Progress has been made around the west side of the city, where I added a neighborhood of smaller buildings.  Its also the sketchy part of town, as it contains a seed tavern and a brothel half-masquerading as a hostel.