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  • 8 Years of Minecraft – Part 1

    Tomorrow marks the 8th Anniversary of my Minecraft world, Alpha.

    I’ve spent the last several days working on an anniversary project in Imperial City.  I have added a new International District.  The main feature is the Palace of Nations, our version of the U.N.

    I’ve also had the other players on my server all build embassies representing their kingdoms in Alpha.

    To top it off, I upgraded my little tram line that ran between my main castle and the Senate building.  I relocated the station by the Senate to be by the Skyport. Now you can go by rail from my castle, to the Skyport/Senate, and then along to the new international district.  Progress!

  • Coronacraft

    I spent the weekend mining and crafting, as I’m starting to go slightly crazy from the quarantine stuff.

    I started working on a the new International District in Imperial City.  It will eventually contain a fancy “Palace of Nations” that will be our version of the U.N.  I’m also going to have the other players on the server all build their own little embassy to represent themselves.

    I started out by walling out the boundaries, building the new outer gate and wall.  The mechanics in the new gate are soooo much smaller than the same style of gate I built years ago, it’s a bit nuts.

    For my next trick, I need to remove the old gate.  I was originally going to leave it, but it and the adjoining angled wall are taking up a lot of real estate.

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  • Minecraft: Nearly 8 Years

    In a little under two weeks (on April 7th), my Minecraft world will be 8 years old!  I’m still not sure what to do for a celebration this year, but I did make a major upgrade to my main city.

    Imperial City has had a clock tower positioned far above the center of the city for many years, but its always been pretty plain – a simple 3×3 square ugly clock.

    I have expanded it to be MUCH larger, with a detailed clock face visible from all over the city.  I’m quite happy with how it turned out!

    Here are some pictures of the construction process.

  • Demonreach Update

    The village is bustling in Demonreach!  I spent some time this week building some new houses and breeding villagers.

    We had a bit of a rampant unemployment issue, so I created some new dedicated work-areas for the different professions.

    There is so much activity now!  Villages living all over place, working all over the place, and even having their meetings in the Meetinghouse!

  • Imperial City Updates

    I’ve continued working in the Waterfront area of Imperial City.  I added a new public square space next to the Skyport, complete with refreshment stand!

    I then went on to convert the outdoor amphitheater into a properly enclosed theater. In the process, I made it a good bit bigger too!

  • Imperial City Strikes Again

    It has happened again, I’m back in Imperial City changing things.

    This time I’m not overhauling a district, or expanding. I’m just replacing two old, out-dated buildings with one new larger one.  I also have some plans to convert & expand the Amphitheater into a properly enclosed theater, as well as knock down some small older buildings and make a new public open area by the Skyport.

    To start off this round, I tore down some older buildings in the West Harbor.

    I then constructed a large new tower/block building on the spot to make my downtown a little more grand.

    I liked how the angled walls turned out, so I kicked it up a notch by adding a penthouse floor on top that was ALL angles!

    I’m finishing up on the inside next, then I’m going to be knocking down some things to make room for a new public area!