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  • Arthur’s Crossing: Phase IV Begins

    I’ve been trying to get back into Minecraft lately, and I finally found my project. I realized it has been a year and a half since I built the last phase of Arthur’s Crossing, and I’m well overdue for working on the next phase.

    Phase IV (yes, the first three were numbers, now I’m using roman numerals) will consist of expanding the town into a city, and overhauling some of the older sections to have larger, denser buildings.

    I’ve started planning some things out, and put down a placeholder for where the new outer wall will be.

  • Elsewhere: Site 42

    I did some more looking around tonight, and I may have found a more suitable location for my new creative build.

    I’m dubbing this “Site 42”.  The only other site I’ve labeled is Site A, but there have been dozens I’ve looked at in between. Also, 42 is the answer to life, the universe, everything.

    Its a large sunflower plains, has a bit of coastline, a giant swamp to the south, and forests to the east and west.  It also has a nice hill nearly surrounded by rivers that would make a nice spot for a grand castle.

  • Fun with Villagers

    I spent some time tonight watching the villagers again.  I keep finding little things that need to be fixed to keep them from getting stuck places.

    I also had to move the Blacksmith storage barrels indoors so we didn’t have 9 fisherman hanging around the blacksmith shop.

    After getting bored with villagers, I spent nearly an hour playing lumberjack.  Hey, my supplies were running low 😛

  • The Villagers are Loose!

    I spent some time today getting back into Minecraft. I finished working on a project Perry & I started months ago: moving villagers back into our village.

    A few months back, we started planning to move villagers back in. We villager-proofed all the buildings we wanted to keep them out of, and Perry built a large apartment complex for them.

    This past week, we finally moved the villagers in.  We ran some tests and realized we hadn’t properly villager-proofed much of the village. We locked them away in their building and went about fixing things up.

    Today I finished modifying the Meetinghouse so they will hold their meetings inside, and NOT get stuck, and NOT loiter on the roof.  I had to add some new entrances.  I also moved the storage chests at the blacksmith shop indoors, so there wouldn’t be 9 fishermen hanging around there.

  • Elsewhere: Rethinking Everything

    I’ve spent the last few days looking at my spot in the new creative world, trying envision it.  I’ve got some vague ideas, but something dawned on me.  I’m thinking small again.  Part of what I want to do in this new world is build on a much larger scale than what I’ve done in Alpha.  So far, I’m planning things out in my head very similarly to Alpha.  I’m thinking inside the box, and not thinking grand enough 🙁

    The picture above is of the Agrazahn Catacombs, one of the grandest things I’ve built in Alpha.  I need to start thinking more like this for the new world.

    I think I need to explore some more… look for a better spot.  I feel like the spot I’ve chosen isn’t much different in size than my larger cities in Alpha, and I don’t wanna do the same thing over again!

    I guess its back to the drawing board for now.

  • Server Reconfigurations

    I am the proud owner of another “server” now!  Perry came over yesterday, and we spent the day setting up a new stand-alone server to migrate Minecraft onto.

    Minecraft was starting to run slow and choppy on my big server, so we figured giving it a dedicated machine would improve things. It didn’t like playing with Plex and my Windows 7 VirtualBox on the big server.

    We started out with a case and motherboard Perry had procured, but ran into issues pretty quick.  First it refused to boot EFI, then it randomly did.  Still haven’t figured that one out.  Once we got Debian shoehorned in there, we ran into “out of range” errors on the monitor.  It was a bit of a shit-show.  One computer was almost thrown out a window.

    Then we calmed down, and regrouped.  I had an old HP desktop I had acquired as a spare a while back, that was just sitting around.  We did a comparison on processors, and found it was actually better than the setup we were having issues with!

    We did a quick change of plans, crammed the HD and RAM into the HP and voila, working Debian!

    We got everything setup and configured, copied Minecraft over to it, and ran some tests. It actually seems to be running noticeably better!!  We than ran into a kerfuffle.  The Minecraft server itself isn’t very huge size-wise, but the flipping  DynMap is ENORMOUS.  74 GB of about 5 million tiny, tiny files.

    I tried copying them to an external drive from the old server, but stopped that pretty fast as it was gonna take 11 hours thanks to USB 2.0.  Then we tried copying over the network, which was going to take 33 hours into Monday so that was scrapped as well.  We eventually settled on zipping the folder on the old server, then copying.  We started the zip last night. It finished sometime early this morning. I then copyed the 74 GB zip file over the network in about 30 minutes.  That was about an hour ago, and I’m still unzipping at this point – its about 2/3’s done 🙂

    Now if this silly archive would just finish expanding, I could get the server back up and actually running.

    History of our Minecraft Servers

    I got thinking about it last night, and realized this is the 5th iteration of Minecraft server Perry and I have had over the last 7+ years.  It all started in 2012 with a server running off Perry’s desktop in his dorm room at UMaine.  When he graduated, the files were migrated to my old 2009 iMac when I lived down in Searsport.  It ran on that for some time, until we bought a refurbished Dell Optiplex 790 SFF to use as a designated server JUST for Minecraft.  That machine was the server for several years, but now its been transformed into my main desktop that I’m typing on right now.  It was replaced by Demonreach, our Dell PowerEdge T300 – the big server.  The small Dell we were using had become overloaded, as it was running Minecraft AND Plex, and we needed more storage space.  The PowerEdge worked great for some time, but the Minecraft server has just grown to ridiculous proportions.  I think its going to do much better by itself on this HP Compaq 6300.  Plex and all my other crap is going to stay on Demonreach and be quite happy with the processor not being maxed out constantly.

    I’m not sure what the name of Perry’s original PC was, but since then the server has been named Anubis, Hereti-Corp, Demonreach, and now – Raftel.  Bonus points to anyone who knows where all these names came from!


  • Elsewhere: Planning Stages

    I’ve started some vague planning on my next creative project in Minecraft!  I’ve setup a new large-biome world in 1.14, and I’ve been scouting out the perfect location for a week or so now.

    My overall plan is to build a city-state, with a castle, walled city, smaller town, and villages/farms.  The big difference is I want to build GRANDER.

    Most things in Alpha are pretty small, as I began it all years ago before I really perfected my building styles.  Last year I built the Catacombs beneath Agrazahn, and it was so much grander than everything else!  I want to build more like that.

    This new world is also going to be less restricted than Alpha.  Alpha was limited to medieval/fantasy – no spaceships, etc.  The new world has no restrictions like that, but one simple limitation. Everyone who builds there has to build only ONE place.  Once its finished, they can go build something else.  I just don’t want it to end up like Alpha with dozens of half-built abandoned projects.

    Anyways, I’ve been scouting.  I believe I’ve settled on my location….  Not 100% sure but getting there. Its a nice sized area along a coastline bordered by a dense mushroom forest.

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  • The Money Bin

    My big project is finally finished!  Back in the middle of July, I undertook my first large-scale project in Demonreach. I built Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin!

    It has also become the public storage facility for the spoils of our Gold Farm, and for other assorted valuables 🙂

    Special Thanks to Perry for working on the new mountainside!!

    Construction Photos

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    The Finished Money Bin

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