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  • Phase V has begun!

    I have started working on Phase V of Arthur’s Crossing!  I figured I shouldn’t wait over a year between phases this time.

    • Phase 1: Castle Pendragon – Completed 3/27/16
    • Phase 2: The Village – Completed  9/3/2017
    • Phase 3: Expand to Town – Completed 4/10/2018
    • Phase IV: Full City – Completed 12/24/19
    • Phase V: Expand Castle
    • Phase VI: Expand to Edge of Island

    Phase V consists of expanding Castle Pendragon, adding some outer watch-towers, and I think  I’m going to build a road to the coast and construct a small port village.

    Here’s some progress pictures 🙂

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  • Surrendering to Imperial City

    I’ve sat here for 2 weeks staring at Minecraft, trying to decide which project to start working on.  And I keep drawing blanks.  I have three locations to pick from, but I’m afraid the projects are just too big and I can’t wrap my head around any of them yet. I think I’m almost trying to bite off too much. All three are major projects, which are going to culminate in new cities.  I think I need something smaller.

    In the meanwhile, I keep ending up in Imperial City. Looking at it.  Seeing things I can upgrade, or add.  Its a problem I’ve had for years, and its the reason the city hasn’t stopped developing and growing in 8 years.

    I keep ending up on the eastern side of the city, just staring at it. I can see my next expansion here, and I just keep coming up with more ideas.

    It’s time to give in. I’m going to stop fighting it, and just work on Imperial City some more.  Nothing else is coming to me creativity-wise, and Imperial City just never shuts up in that fashion.

    I’m going to expand outwards towards the East, the opposite side of where I recently added the International District.  It has a variety of land, ranging from a high hill at the south, to a jungle in the north.  It also contains a cute little ravine that I plan to build down into. I may even cover over the steep valley outside of the current East Gate, and make an underground area where the main road passes through.

    Its all in the planning stages still, but at least I’m having ideas.

  • Minecraft: What’s Next?

    Now that I’ve finished my Anniversary projects, I need to figure out what to work on next.  The longer I take without a project, the more I look at Imperial City and come up with more crazy ideas to improve / expand it.

    Here are the bigger projects I have had simmering for some time.  Let me know what you guys think!

    Tangleweald: City of Wood Elves

    This project is the oldest one I’ve been putting off. Its pretty vague, but involves building a wooden city in the Great Jungle to be the home of the Wood Elves and the Tree King.  I’ve cleared a bit of land where I want to build it, but not much more has happened yet.  I need to find a style to use here, as my previous attempt at a tree village wasn’t the greatest.

    Talmar: City of Dwarves

    I have a good idea of what I want to do here, something along the lines of Moria from LOTR.  I want a grand underground dwarven city.  All I have so far is a natural ravine that has been expanded and modified a bit.

    Evermore: City of High Elves

    This is the least thought out of my possible projects.  I have an idea, and a location.  I want a tall city of spires for the High Elves, and I found a neat mountainous spot for it.  Other than that, I got nothing yet.

  • 8 Years of Minecraft – Part 4

    I decided to finish off my Anniversary Celebration by pulling the trigger on a project I’ve been hemming and hawing over for probably a year now.  I covered over the area behind the Senate Building.

    After I expanded the Senate, the overhang on the cliff behind it just didn’t feel right, so covering straight across was the best solution.

    In doing so, I’ve overhauled the Lagoon beneath, added 3 new buildings to the Waterfront, and added a fancy new Park!

    Construction Process

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    Finished Pictures

    After this was done, for some reason I went along and created one more Tram Station. You can now travel from the Skyport to three different parts of the city!

  • 8 Years of Minecraft – Part 3

    Imperial Senate Upgrade

    Today I overhauled the home of the Imperial Senate.  They had gotten a case of building-envy over the shiny new Palace of Nations. It really made their once-grand building feel old, and out-dated.

    I didn’t have much room to play with, so I decided to just expand the building some. I added a new third floor for the specific purpose of giving it a much grander meeting hall.

    I also redesigned my Map Hall so the maps were lit MUCH better than they used to be.  I managed to sneak in some updates on them as well, since some hadn’t been updated in well over a year.

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