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  • Imperial City Updates

    I’ve continued working in the Waterfront area of Imperial City.  I added a new public square space next to the Skyport, complete with refreshment stand!

    I then went on to convert the outdoor amphitheater into a properly enclosed theater. In the process, I made it a good bit bigger too!

  • Imperial City Strikes Again

    It has happened again, I’m back in Imperial City changing things.

    This time I’m not overhauling a district, or expanding. I’m just replacing two old, out-dated buildings with one new larger one.  I also have some plans to convert & expand the Amphitheater into a properly enclosed theater, as well as knock down some small older buildings and make a new public open area by the Skyport.

    To start off this round, I tore down some older buildings in the West Harbor.

    I then constructed a large new tower/block building on the spot to make my downtown a little more grand.

    I liked how the angled walls turned out, so I kicked it up a notch by adding a penthouse floor on top that was ALL angles!

    I’m finishing up on the inside next, then I’m going to be knocking down some things to make room for a new public area!

  • Minecraft: Imperial City

    I have finally done it!  I have fit all of Imperial City into a picture!

    In the past, the server was limited on how much of a render distance you could use, regardless of what your client thought it could do.  The last few days, Perry and I have been tweaking and fixing some lag issues on the server.  Apparently one of the changes we made fixed the render distance issue, as I’m able to set insane ranges now!

    Here are some amazing full pictures of Imperial City!