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  • Buddy is my Maine Coon Cat

  • Buddy Pics

    It has been some time since I shared some pics of Buddy, and I tend to take them more often than not.  Here’s the Buddy pics I’ve taken since the last time I shared them 🙂

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  • The Battle Begins

    I was petting Buddy last night, and realized that the fur is literally just coming right out of him. You can see it working its way out without even petting him.


    And of course, he hates being brushed.  So I have begun the never-ending battle to brush the cat.

    I got through the first “session” and the picture above is how much fur I got out of him. I only brushed barely a third of the cat, and that is what came out!!

    He got very fed up with me, fought me, and eventually escaped. I probably won’t see him for another hour now.  I’m going to take a picture every time I brush him and keep track of just how much fur I get off him 🙂

    (The lighter was added for size-comparison)

  • Random Buddy Pics

    I haven’t posted any Buddy pics in quite some time, so here are the ones I have on my phone 🙂

  • Relaxing Weekend

    I had a pretty relaxing weekend. Went Christmas shopping with Dad on Friday and got almost everything I need. 

    Spent Saturday hanging out with Perry. I also started watching a sci fi blast from the past: Sliders! I forgot how much liked this show back in the 90’s.

    Sunday was spent relaxing with Buddy and playing some Minecraft.  I got Buddy a cat tree for Christmas, and since I won’t be here in Christmas day he got it early 🙂 

    At first he was more interested in the box it came in, but he’s started digging on the post instead of the chair he normally does. I liked him up onto it with some treats and toy finally 🙂 I think he was scared to jump down from the top!