• Fan down, FAN DOWN!

    So I have this tall oscillating fan that I use to move the AC air around the house. I either have it blowing into the living room, or down the hall towards my office ( the AC is in the Dining Room).

    Well, its been on for a few days, so I shut it off last night. Big mistake.  Now its making a horrid grinding noise when I run it.  So i took it apart to see what I could do, as I’ve to dismantle and clean cat hair out of this fan before.

    First thing I noticed is there’s a piece missing that literally holds the fan blades onto the thing!  I have no idea how or where its gone.  And I know exactly what the piece looks like, as i’ve dismantled it before so it isn’t like i’ve misplaced it. If i saw it, i’d know what it was!

    I have no idea where its gone.  I’m also confused as to how it got out from inside the cage around the fan blade, which was properly closed.  Maybe I have gremlins….

  • Basement = Clean

    I finally finished cleaning & organizing the basement today!

    I got the broken light-bulb cleaned up, organized the work bench, and setup my sitting area.  I also managed to collect all the empty boxes together, now I just need a better way to store them.

    The awkward pile in the corner is all my Christmas stuff. I have more strands of lights than I know what to do with…

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  • Phil Hendrie!!

    I used to listen to The Phil Hendrie show YEARS ago on the radio, but he’d been off for a long time.

    Last night I stumbled across his website and discovered he’s revived the show in an all-digital format, and you can listen to several places online!!!

    I’m using SoundCloud!

  • Basement Woes

    I’ve been working all day to finish up my project of cleaning & re-organizing my basement.  I got a good bit done, but a little bit ago I went back down after a break and had to call it quits.

    I went downstairs to start moving some boxes around.  Within 2 minutes of being down there, I walked straight into a hanging lightbulb and broke it with my thick skull.  It was a CFL light, so it also nearly caught fire. I had to run upstairs and shut the lights off.

    Now there’s broken bulb all over the floor (even picked a piece out of my hair), and I’ve already vacuumed once.  I’m done for the day.

    I should have snapped a picture of my progress thus far, but I’m too lazy to go back down.