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Southron (pronounced south-run) was a fully planned city, with the main concept that I wanted it to be different than all my other builds. Thats how it ended up being built mostly of quartz, with walls and towers of netherbrick.  They make for a great color combination!

I centered the city around a large city square, which has most of its shops and an elaborate city hall.  Across the river sits the temple complex and a very large and opulent palace for the king.


Southron is the shining white city of the south coast.  It is a major port, and home to the Seafarer’s Guild.  It is a very wealthy and luxurious city where prostitutes are upper-class citizens. The most opulent building in the city is The White Palace, home to the King of the South.


North Gate: Road to West Province and Graycleft
West Gate: Road to Martell Village
East Gate: Road to Tisroc Village & Prison
Southron Pier: Boat to Port Shaf’irma
Southron Skytower: Airships to Imperial City, Agrazahn, and The Deep


  1. The White Palace
  2. Southron City Hall
  3. City Center
  4. Halls of Wisdom
  5. Great Sanctum of Hyetal
  6. Breakwater Landing: Seafarer’s Guild
  7. West Gate – Road to Martell Village
  8. North Gate – Road to Graycleft
  9. East Gate – Road to Tisroc Village
  10. Southron Skytower
  11. Southron Pier
  12. Chalmers Grand Hotel
  13. Entrance to Undertown