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Port Harbor

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Port Harbor is one of my older locations. It was originally built as a small outpost for Denbar, but ended up more connected to the nearby desert city, Agrazahn.  It is a tightly packed town crammed onto a natural peninsula.  It grew to become the port location for Agrazahn, although it is only on a small sea, not the actual ocean.

The southern section of town is built on stilts above a shallow part of the harbor.  The town even boasts several underwater houses.


Port Harbor is the original port location for Agrazahn.  It is located due east of Agrazahn, and not very far away.


Town Gate: Road to the Agrazahn & Borean Landing
Port Harbor Pier: Boat to Freema


  1. Port Harbor Town Hall
  2. Temple of Zahn
  3. New Sandy Point Inn
  4. Fort Island
  5. Port Harbor Pier
  6. Town Gate
  7. Road to Agrazahn
  8. Road to Borean Landing