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  • Basement – 1, Seth – 0

    While working in the basement yesterday, I managed to gash my head wide open and earn a trip to Walk-In Care.

    I was walking and bashed my head into a low hanging water shutoff valve (without its wheel) and it cut a huge gash in my head.

    I bled everywhere, and eventually got it super-glued back together.  My hear is all matted together and it still throbs from time to time.

    Worst part is my sleep machine mask sits EXACTLY where the goddamn cut is.  I couldn’t sleep with it last night as it kept irritating the cut, so I didn’t get much sleep 🙁

    What a friggen weekend…

  • Lazy Weekend

    I had a decently lazy weekend.  My parents came down and we finished painting one wall of my house.  We have vague plans to paint the whole thing next summer.

    I was hoping to get out kayaking one last time, but everyone was busy and I don’t like going out alone.

    Sat up last night for 2 hours listening to sirens as downtown Old Town burned 🙁  It brought back memories of Milo burning down several years ago.

    I put up a random assembly of Halloween lights on my deck today, so I’m ready for the season.

    I played a little Minecraft, explored a bit more of WayFar and made some more vague plans for my build.  The more I explore though, the more I question if I could find a better spot.  I guess I just need to keep exploring!  Need to find a savannah biome for Mike so he can build something orc-y 😀

  • World 2, Seth 0

    So I got out of work a little early today, and figured I’d take care of some errands.

    I went by Prompto to get an oil change, and was promptly thwarted.  They have 3 bays, and they all had 3-4 cars lined up waiting to get in.  Screw that.

    So then I went by Verizon to see if I could find a new case for my phone, as mine has appeared to crack.  Not a single damn accessory for my phone in the store. I have a Moto Z3, one of their flagship phones.  They have fancy attachments you can get, like better camera lenses, projectors, and speakers. NOTHING. Not a damn accessory, not a single phone case for ANY Motorola phones in the damn shop.

    So I’ve given up and now I’m home.  I want to go clean out the inside of my truck, but now I’m afraid of what insanity the world is going to throw at me if I do.  Nothing seems to be working out today.


  • Hometown Sadness

    I’m all distraught.

    I found out tonight that they’re going to be tearing down the last block of buildings on Main Street in Milo.  It really makes me sad 🙁

    Back in 2008, we had to watch half of Main Street burn down due to arson.  That was hard enough to see my hometown burning.  Now they’re just purposefully tearing down what is left.

    I know I’m being old and sentimental, but its still just sad to see small downs dying like this.

  • I’m alive…

    I haven’t posted in ages.  I know, I know, nobody reads these things anyways.

    I started a new/old job about a month ago.  I’m back at Sierra Communications again 🙂  Its not much different than before, so its been easy to get into the flow of things.

    I’ve been playing alot of Minecraft, and I really need to take some new pictures and show off our progress.  The original starting group has dwindled some, but we’re still building things!  We also recently got the new world onto the old server software, so I can finally get back to some projects in Alpha!  It had to be shut off while we were playing in the new world 🙁

    I also need show off the big project I’ve been working on in Demonreach.  It is nearly done, so i hope to share the pictures soon! I’ve been trying to take some at different stages throughout the construction 🙂

    Buddy is doing good, except that he NEEDS to be brushed. He’s pretty stubborn about it and won’t let me get much done at a time.  Its very frustrating to say the least.  He does like the new shelf beside my recliner, as seen in the picture 🙂

  • Adventure to Augusta

    I spent this weekend in Augusta visiting my friend Chris.  It was good to get away for a bit, I really needed a change of scenery.

    I took my kayak down, and we went out in his pond on Saturday before it got super hot. His place is literally right on a pond. Its a very nice location. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures.  I took the camera down with me, but completely forgot to take it out in the kayak.

    The picture is from Chris’ house.  He found these two Jesus paintings in his house, and had to hang them next to each other as they are so eerily similar. He’s looking to start collecting them 🙂  And yes, that is one solid picture, the border between the rooms is odd  🙂