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  • Busy Week

    Its been a busy week so far since my birthday.  I spent 5 hours yesterday helping Perry & Chas unload a fully packed uhaul truck. It was quite the workout, and I’m feeling it today.

    I’m so glad Perry & Chas are back!

    Today, my parents are coming down to hopefully install a new toilet and sink in my bathroom.  All depends on whether we can shut the water off…  Turns out the previous owners of my house, for some unknown reason, took the knobs off the shut-off valves in the basement.  Should be interesting to say the least…


    OK, so I just attempted to share a post from a Facebook Page to the TRC Facebook Page.  My account was immediately locked, and I had to answer a bunch of questions to get back in.  And for the 3rd time in a week, the TRC Facebook Page was unpublished.  This is what it keeps telling me:

    It looks like recent activity on your Page doesn’t follow the Facebook Page Policies. If you think your Page was unpublished in error, you can appeal and we’ll take another look.

    I’ve done NOTHING wrong. AT ALL.  HOW is sharing a simple goddamn Facebook post (that was fine on the page it was on) a violation of anything!??

  • Ok, What?

    So last night, I posted some pictures of Demonreach Village.  I then shared it to my Facebook Page (SuperSethen).  I then shared that post on Facebook, to my account.

    I just received a message that my post goes against “Community Standards on spam”, and it was removed.

    IT WAS A SIMPLE SHARE OF ANOTHER POST ON FACEBOOK.  And the original post on my Gaming page still exists, I might add.



  • The Last Straw -OR- How Seth Went Insane: 2019 Edition

    So, it has come to this.

    Today, while doing regular updates on TRC, the Facebook account I’m currently using to keep my pages updated was temporarily shut off, and I had to answer a slew of questions to prove I was me. I managed to get back in fine after a few minutes.

    A little bit later, the TRC Facebook Page was unpublished. It says due to recent activity, we’ve been found to violate some shit.  Which is fucking ridiculous, as the only activity in the last WEEK was me sharing posts from other Facebook Pages.  I appealed the decision, but who knows how long that will take.  So for the time being, TRC is essentially crippled as most of our viewers are on Facebook.

    I then ran into an issue while updating some other websites.  Found that all of my WordPress sites that auto-post to Facebook have stopped working. I worked for an hour trying to reconnect them, and it just won’t fucking work. Keeps giving me a generic error, with no explanation what-so-ever.  So now my websites, and the Stonington Public Library are directly affected by this.

    I’ve had it.  I’m exhausted.  I don’t even know what to DO about any of this anymore.  Facebook won’t give me the time of day.

    If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or plans of revenge, I’m totally listening…..

  • Facebook: 4 | Seth: 0

    It happened again.  On Monday, my Facebook account was disabled.  This time, I was an hour and 20 minutes into streaming Minecraft!  I was just shut down out of nowhere.  It messed my stream up, as it kept running for a day before I figured out how to stop it.

    To recap, here’s the short story of whats happened, thus far…

    Nov 27
    My account was mysteriously disabled. The account had been active for well over 10 years, and I had no idea why. I submitted a ticket to have it looked into, and the only response I got was that I had been found ineligible for Facebook, and that due to their policies they couldn’t even tell me WHY.  Also, it was a final decision.  I made a new account under my name, as I was kind of responsible for managing 2 pages and an ad campaign for work.

    Feb 2
    The day after I was laid off from Beal College, my account was disabled again, same story.  I still have a theory this one was triggered by Beal ripping my admin access off of pages, and not removing me from the business manager account.  I submitted another ticket, and decided to wait for a response.

    Mar 20
    After never getting a response, I made a new account with  my name.  I woke up the next morning, not 24 hours later, and the account was already disabled.  This infuriated me. I hadn’t even posted anything, or connected to more than 5 friends.  I waited a few weeks and decided to make a new account using my middle name, Dolan, instead of Barden.  A few days after creation, I was temporarily disabled and had to send them ID to prove I was me.  I did, and a few days later my account was back on.  Everything seemed to be fine finally!

    May 13
    We started our new survival world on Minecraft on May 13, and we were all streaming to Facebook.  About an hour and 20 minutes into my stream, my window suddenly reloaded, stream cut off, and I was disabled yet again.

    I have no idea why any of this is happening to me. I’ve read through their terms four separate times, and I have done NOTHING to violate them in any way.  There is no way to talk to a person, and every time I submit another ticket I get the same “Thanks, but you should go pound sand” response.

    I honestly think I’m done trying at this point…  Which means everyone is going to have to text or call me for communication 🙁