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  • I am a gamer from time to time, and I’ll keep track of it all here. I go by SuperSethen!

  • Minecraft: The Nexus

    I am proud to unveil the new Nexus for the Demonreach Minecraft Server.  The old Portal Nexus was located within Alpha, and is primarily used to get around Alpha.  This new Nexus is its own world, created just for connecting all the worlds together.  /spawn will now take you to this world.

    Perry helped me to construct something awesome here as well.  We now have the “Hall of Never Again”, which commemorates tragic incidents that have happened over the years.  We built small dioramas for each event, and it came out great!

    Here are some pictures!

  • Minecraft: Imperial City

    I have finally done it!  I have fit all of Imperial City into a picture!

    In the past, the server was limited on how much of a render distance you could use, regardless of what your client thought it could do.  The last few days, Perry and I have been tweaking and fixing some lag issues on the server.  Apparently one of the changes we made fixed the render distance issue, as I’m able to set insane ranges now!

    Here are some amazing full pictures of Imperial City!

  • 7 Years of Minecraft

    I started playing Minecraft 7 years ago today!

    On April 7th, 2012 I purchased Minecraft and started my first world, aptly named “Alpha”.  7 years later, and the world is still going strong.

    I decided to celebrate by sharing some pictures taken on that first day, with pictures from about the same angle taken today!

    The first structure created on that day in 2012 was the original iteration of Cair Denbar.  These pictures show Cair Denbar then and now.

    For more information about Alpha, visit this website!

  • Holy Crap, I’m Playing Survival!

    The unthinkable has happened. I’m playing Survival Mode in Minecraft!

    My friend Nick has decided to get back into it, and convinced me to play some survival with him today.  The overall plan is to start a new survival world when 1.14 is released, but he’s horribly rusty & I’ve never played much survival.

    So we decided to start out on a world I already had that had been abandoned a few years ago – PotatoSwag.  Don’t ask about the name, please.

    I also managed to stream the entire time we played!  The video is embedded below in this post.

    The others on the server with me were Nick (Korialstrazs), Perry (PerrBearr), and Caden (ChickenMan7777).

    Minecraft with @Kszxs
    Playing some survival Minecraft with my buddy!
    Posted by SuperSethen on Friday, April 5, 2019

  • Minecraft Updates

    I’ve been busy at working finishing up the Royal Gardens in Cair Denbar.  It is now complete!  The Emperor is sending out invitations to join him for tea in his new gardens.

    I then went on to create several pixel-art maps to use as signs!  I had some fun doing this.  Pixel-art can be soothing.

    I finished up by overhauling the Portal Nexus a little bit.  I cleaned it up, added thew new signs, and created an “info” room for information and rules about the server.

    Now I need to figure out what my next project is….


  • My addiction to SimCity may be calling

    I’ve been thinking about playing some Cities: Skylines again recently. It’s been well over a year since I played, and I recently acquired the two DLC’s I didn’t have (Thanks Aerock!).

    I watched a lot of the Industries DLC on YouTube, and it feels like it will fix a lot of the issues I was having near the end with my last city. Mostly involving industrial traffic.

    I’m not sure yet though.  I’ve been addicted to SimCity type games for many, many years now.  Maybe its time to feed that craving.

    Then again, there’s always Civilization.  But we won’t go there, that game is like crack and I lose time to it.