Christmas Update

Woke up yesterday to discover Mom had bought me a little set of christmas lights and tree at RiteAid for my lego village 🙂  My Lego Castle now has a little white light in every window, and it looks really kewl!  Dad helped me repair some of my ancient street lights (they were all coroded to hell, haven’t been used in over 5 years).

Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to set these two buildings up.  I scrapped using the Train Station, as half the lights in it apparently burned out, and you have no idea how ridiculous it was to get them hooked up in it to begin with.  I’ll probably never find a similar set of little lights lol.  Oh well, just a Church and a Castle.  Dad even went online looking to find me a Lego Santa mini-figure to go with my castle 🙂  no luck so far…

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