The Villagers are Loose!

I spent some time today getting back into Minecraft. I finished working on a project Perry & I started months ago: moving villagers back into our village.

A few months back, we started planning to move villagers back in. We villager-proofed all the buildings we wanted to keep them out of, and Perry built a large apartment complex for them.

This past week, we finally moved the villagers in.  We ran some tests and realized we hadn’t properly villager-proofed much of the village. We locked them away in their building and went about fixing things up.

Today I finished modifying the Meetinghouse so they will hold their meetings inside, and NOT get stuck, and NOT loiter on the roof.  I had to add some new entrances.  I also moved the storage chests at the blacksmith shop indoors, so there wouldn’t be 9 fishermen hanging around there.