Video Plans

I’ve decided the time has come to make new videos of my Minecraft world. I originally started back in 2014, made a handful, and then got distracted by something shiny.

The videos are still online, but they are HORRIBLY outdated. All the cities in the videos have had massive updates since then, and I never did get to Imperial City, my crown jewel.

I’m going to start making videos, and I’m actually going to narrate this time! I figure I’ll give some tours of my large cities to start.

And this time around, I’m starting with Imperial City. I will most likely make a separate video for Cair Denbar (the Imperial Palace) as the city is large enough by itself. Cair Denbar is also the oldest location on the server, the original foundation was laid on day #1 of me buying Minecraft. It has grown to be quite enormous.