• Adventure to Augusta

    I spent this weekend in Augusta visiting my friend Chris.  It was good to get away for a bit, I really needed a change of scenery.

    I took my kayak down, and we went out in his pond on Saturday before it got super hot. His place is literally right on a pond. Its a very nice location. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures.  I took the camera down with me, but completely forgot to take it out in the kayak.

    The picture is from Chris’ house.  He found these two Jesus paintings in his house, and had to hang them next to each other as they are so eerily similar. He’s looking to start collecting them 🙂  And yes, that is one solid picture, the border between the rooms is odd  🙂

  • Fan down, FAN DOWN!

    So I have this tall oscillating fan that I use to move the AC air around the house. I either have it blowing into the living room, or down the hall towards my office ( the AC is in the Dining Room).

    Well, its been on for a few days, so I shut it off last night. Big mistake.  Now its making a horrid grinding noise when I run it.  So i took it apart to see what I could do, as I’ve to dismantle and clean cat hair out of this fan before.

    First thing I noticed is there’s a piece missing that literally holds the fan blades onto the thing!  I have no idea how or where its gone.  And I know exactly what the piece looks like, as i’ve dismantled it before so it isn’t like i’ve misplaced it. If i saw it, i’d know what it was!

    I have no idea where its gone.  I’m also confused as to how it got out from inside the cage around the fan blade, which was properly closed.  Maybe I have gremlins….

  • Basement = Clean

    I finally finished cleaning & organizing the basement today!

    I got the broken light-bulb cleaned up, organized the work bench, and setup my sitting area.  I also managed to collect all the empty boxes together, now I just need a better way to store them.

    The awkward pile in the corner is all my Christmas stuff. I have more strands of lights than I know what to do with…

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  • Phil Hendrie!!

    I used to listen to The Phil Hendrie show YEARS ago on the radio, but he’d been off for a long time.

    Last night I stumbled across his website and discovered he’s revived the show in an all-digital format, and you can listen to several places online!!!

    I’m using SoundCloud!

  • Basement Woes

    I’ve been working all day to finish up my project of cleaning & re-organizing my basement.  I got a good bit done, but a little bit ago I went back down after a break and had to call it quits.

    I went downstairs to start moving some boxes around.  Within 2 minutes of being down there, I walked straight into a hanging lightbulb and broke it with my thick skull.  It was a CFL light, so it also nearly caught fire. I had to run upstairs and shut the lights off.

    Now there’s broken bulb all over the floor (even picked a piece out of my hair), and I’ve already vacuumed once.  I’m done for the day.

    I should have snapped a picture of my progress thus far, but I’m too lazy to go back down.