• There aren’t words.

    Yesterday, I got brave and decided to make a new Facebook account.  I had been waiting for a month for a reply about my account being disabled, and got nothing. Not a word.

    So I made the new account.  Added it to my pages, and sent a bunch of friend requests.  I got up this morning to find it had already been disabled, with no rhyme nor reason, yet again.

    I’m so sick of this 🙁  I did nothing wrong… And I need Facebook to run pages and communicate with people. I just don’t get this!

    I’ve submitted yet another new ticket using a form hadn’t seen before. We’ll see how that goes. If that doesn’t get me anywhere, I found a website that lists contact info for several higher-ups in the company. It suggested emailing them one by one to see if you can get a response.  I may look into that…

    I’m also contemplating trying again, using a different name.  Sigh.

  • Random Buddy Pics

    I haven’t posted any Buddy pics in quite some time, so here are the ones I have on my phone 🙂

  • Who Needs Sleep?

    So here it is, almost 3:30 in the morning.  I’ve had a tooth with a cavity issue for some time now, and lo and behold, it has started to hurt.  Sleep is not coming to me.  I’m going to have to call the dentist in the morning 🙁

    I’m not looking forward to that. I’m still unemployed, have no insurance, and dental work is NEVER cheap.  I just can’t seem to win lately.

    I looked for jobs to apply to this morning, and it was pretty depressing. I only found ONE hadn’t already applied to 🙁  The tech job market around here seems to suck lately.

    I guess I’m going to sit here and watch more YouTube until I pass out from pure exhaustion.  The tooth isn’t like killing me, but it has just enough dull pain to be irritating enough to keep me awake 🙁


  • Minecraft Updates

    I’ve been busy at working finishing up the Royal Gardens in Cair Denbar.  It is now complete!  The Emperor is sending out invitations to join him for tea in his new gardens.

    I then went on to create several pixel-art maps to use as signs!  I had some fun doing this.  Pixel-art can be soothing.

    I finished up by overhauling the Portal Nexus a little bit.  I cleaned it up, added thew new signs, and created an “info” room for information and rules about the server.

    Now I need to figure out what my next project is….


  • My addiction to SimCity may be calling

    I’ve been thinking about playing some Cities: Skylines again recently. It’s been well over a year since I played, and I recently acquired the two DLC’s I didn’t have (Thanks Aerock!).

    I watched a lot of the Industries DLC on YouTube, and it feels like it will fix a lot of the issues I was having near the end with my last city. Mostly involving industrial traffic.

    I’m not sure yet though.  I’ve been addicted to SimCity type games for many, many years now.  Maybe its time to feed that craving.

    Then again, there’s always Civilization.  But we won’t go there, that game is like crack and I lose time to it.

  • Cair Denbar: Royal Grounds

    For the last week I’ve been working on overhauling the Royal Grounds at Cair Denbar.  They were originally build eons ago, and didn’t look too extravagant.

    I started by gutting and expanding the Stables, as they were cramped.  I then finished paving the courtyard, as it still had bare bits of dirt and grass.

    I then moved onto what is becoming the Royal Gardens.  Before, the back half of the royal grounds was just open to a lake with no enclosing wall, and just had one path and very little decoration. I intend to fix that.  I updated the area outside the Stables, and converted the simple dirt cliff face into some tiered gardens.

    I still have a lot of work ahead of me.  I’ve finished the outer wall enclosing the area, and laid out some ideas of where I want the paths to be. I still need to develop the entire other side of the lake.

  • Updates in Cair Denbar

    The other day I started planning out making a video of Imperial City. One thing led to another, and now I’m working on a laundry list of upgrades for Cair Denbar, my royal palace (my home on the server).

    This is actually a good sign. Usually when I loose my “mojo” for Minecraft for a bit, what gets me back into the game is upgrading or adding onto my main castle 🙂

    Cair Denbar is the oldest structure on my server. I laid the original foundation on April 7, 2012 – the day I got Minecraft. It started out as a small castle on an epic mountaintop. Over the last nearly 7 years, it has grown and expanded over and over. It grew into a large castle spanning two mountaintops, and they a village sprung up in front of it. The castle eventually expanded to fill all 4 mountaintops, and the small village has grown into Imperial City, my single largest city on the server.

    I started with something that had been bugging me for ages – the Royal Vault.  It had a two-digit combination lock that was very easy to figure out, and once you had entered it anyone could walk by and see the combination.  The interior also needed some love.  I created an entrance hallway outside the door, where you now pull a lever to seal the two entrances to that hallway. It then opens access to a small room with the new 4-digit combination lock.  Also, while the vault door is open, the hallway doors cannot be opened. It feels much more secure now.

    I also did some updates on the inside, making it look more vault-like. Previously, it just looked another storage room with precious-gem columns.   It looks much more vault-like to me now, and I’ve even placed a bunch of items in there to store in shulker boxes 🙂

    I then went on to the Storage Level. I had purposed a level in the complex simply for storage, but never did more than put a warehouse room on it and ton of boxes.  I knocked out a wall and made a large loading area with a crane down to the Courtyard Level.  It looks really cool!!

    To finish off, I finally finished a project I started eons ago. I found this design for an awesome hidden staircase inside a fireplace, and I’ve wanted to add it to Cair Denbar for ages. Problem was, the castle is so old, compact, and dense, I couldn’t find anywhere to fit it in. Especially where It needed access to the floor below, as the castle has multiple levels down into the mountain.

    I changed a few things around in the oldest section of the castle, and managed to fit it into the Emperor’s Study!  I had to remove a sitting area by the South Landing and vacate the Royal Healer, but I made it work!  The hidden stairs access a room three floors below (lots of stairs).  I still need to figure out what I’m going to put down there though.

  • Video Plans

    I’ve decided the time has come to make new videos of my Minecraft world. I originally started back in 2014, made a handful, and then got distracted by something shiny.

    The videos are still online, but they are HORRIBLY outdated. All the cities in the videos have had massive updates since then, and I never did get to Imperial City, my crown jewel.

    I’m going to start making videos, and I’m actually going to narrate this time! I figure I’ll give some tours of my large cities to start.

    And this time around, I’m starting with Imperial City. I will most likely make a separate video for Cair Denbar (the Imperial Palace) as the city is large enough by itself. Cair Denbar is also the oldest location on the server, the original foundation was laid on day #1 of me buying Minecraft. It has grown to be quite enormous.

  • Super Sethen Lives!

    I have made some changes! I have overhauled all my gaming usernames and setup a new Facebook Gamer Page – SuperSethen!

    I’m hoping to start streaming some more games, as I have all the time in the world being unemployed currently 🙁

    Follow my page on Facebook, as that is where I will be streaming! I will post links to the website when I’m live as well 🙂

  • Laptop Reload

    My aging MacBook Pro has been running really slow and sluggish for QUITE some time now. I decided to reload her yesterday.

    I backed up all the important junk, formatted the drive, and did a fresh install of macOS 10.13 High Sierra.  I spent the rest of the evening installing updates, software, and all that fun stuff.

    So far, so good!  She seems to be running a lot better, not sluggish, etc.  I also didn’t bother reloading half the software that was on there. I don’t use it for gaming anymore, so no need to install all the games.  I also skipped the streaming software, and some other junk I just didn’t use anymore.

    The laptop is much more streamlined now, and running good.  I hope it keeps it up.  This weekend will be her first real test, as I need to stream the Prize Drawing from the Schoodic Lake Ice Fishing Derby.